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* Suitable infrastructures to provide all tourism services

 * Suitable infrastructures to provide all medical services
* Suitable infrastructures to provide all beauty services

Specialist and subspecialty physicians

In this hospital, we provide the highest level of medical services by using the best specialized and sub-specialized doctors.

Providing services

There are various departments in this hospital that provide medical services in the best way and accordance with international protocols.

Emam Sajad Hospital

Perfect in providing the best clinical services and one of the safest hospitals in Mashhad as the first choice of the people of the region and health tourism has been a unique medical center to serve clients from inside and outside the country in a modern and unique atmosphere

Specialized Clinic

Participation and teamwork

Keeping up with the latest world knowledge and providing education

Improving quality

Top Grade 2 Certificate

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In this hospital, we provide the highest level of medical services by using the best specialized and sub-specialized doctors.

  • Dialysis section for free
  • 24-hour radiology and ultrasound
  • 24-hour specialized laboratory
  • Operating room equipped with a surgical specialist resident physician
  • Emergency equipped with a resident physician specializing in emergency medicine
  • Maternity center equipped with resident physician of obstetrics and gynecologists and infertility

Hospital Management Team

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Hosein Zoqi

Director of Nursing

Hasan Hosseini

Internal Manager

Dr . M.Sori

Presidency of Hospital

Charter of Patients’ Rights The International

.                                   It is the patient’s right to receive optimal health services
:           The provision of health services should be such that
Be worthy of dignity and human degree and respect for values, cultural and religious beliefs.
It should be based on honesty, fairness, politeness and kindness.
Be free from any discrimination including ethnic, cultural, religious, disease and gender.
Be based on the latest knowledge of the world.
The patient’s benefits take priority.
The distribution of health resources should be based on justice and patients’ treatment priorities.
Be based on the coordination of care elements including prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.
With the provision of all basic and essential welfare facilities and away from the imposition of pain and unnecessary restrictions.
Pay special attention to the rights of vulnerable groups in society, including children, pregnant women, the elderly, the mentally ill, prisoners, the mentally and physically disabled, and by not supervised persons.
As soon as possible and concerning patient time.
Taking into consideration variables such as language, age, and gender of service recipients.
The information should be provided to the patient in a satisfactory and sufficient manner.
The content of the information should include the following:
Provisions of the Charter of Patients’ Rights at the time of admission
Predictable criteria and costs of the hospital, including medical and non-medical services, insurance criteria, and introduction of support systems at the time of admission.
Name, responsibility, and professional rank of the members of the medical department responsible for providing care, including doctors, nurses, and students, and their professional relationship with each other.
Diagnostic and therapeutic methods and the strengths and weaknesses of each method and its side effects, diagnosis, prognosis, and its complications, as well as all the information influencing the patient’s decision-making process.
How to access the treating physician and key members of the medical team during treatment.
All actions that have a research nature.

Provide essential training to continue treatment

How to provide information should be as follows:
Information should be provided at the appropriate time and by the patient’s conditions, including anxiety, pain, and personal characteristics, including language, education, and comprehension, unless:
Delay in starting treatment because of providing the above information can cause harm to the patient. (In this case, the transfer of information after the necessary action must be done at the first appropriate time.)
The patient, despite being informed of the right to receive information, should refuse to do so, in which case the patient’s wants should be respected unless the patient’s lack of information puts him or her or others at serious risk.
The patient can access all the images of the information recorded in his clinical file and receive it and request the correction of the errors contained in it.
The patient’s choice and decision to receive health services must be respected.
Choice and decision limitations include the following:
 Selecting the treating physician and the center providing health services within the framework of the criteria.
Selection and consultation of the second physician as a consultant.
Participation or non-participation in biological research with the assurance that his decision making does not affect the continuity and manner of receiving health services.
Accepting or rejecting the proposed treatment after being aware of the possible side effects of accepting or rejecting it, except in cases of suicide or in cases where refusing to treat may cause danger in another person.
Announcing the patient’s previous opinions on future treatment actions when the patient has the condition to make decisions and these decisions should be recorded as a guide to medical actions in the absence of his decision-making conditions in accordance with legal standards of health care providers and decision-makers.
Selection and decision conditions include the following:
The patient’s choice and decisions should be optional and consciously, and based on receiving sufficient and comprehensive information (mentioned in paragraph 2)
After providing the information, the patient should be given the necessary and sufficient time to make a decision and make a choice.
The provision of health services should be based on respect for the patient’s privacy and the principle of confidentiality.
Attention to the principle of confidentiality about all patient information is mandatory, except in cases where the law excludes it.
The patient’s privacy must be respected at all stages of care, including diagnosis and treatment. For this purpose, it is necessary to provide all the necessary facilities to ensure the privacy of the patient.
– Only the patient, therapy group, and authorized persons by the patient and persons who are considered authorized by law can access the information.
The patient has the right to be accompanied by a reliable person in the diagnostic process, including examinations. Accompanying one of the child’s parents in all stages of treatment is the child’s right, unless it is against medical necessity.
Access to an efficient grievance system is a patient right.
Every patient has the right to complain to the competent authorities in the event of a violation of their rights, which is the subject of this Charter, without decreasing the quality of health services.

Patients have the right to be informed about the procedure and the outcomes of their complaints.
Damage caused by the error of health care providers must be compensated as soon as possible after review and proof in accordance with the regulations

Provide essential training to continue treatment

How to provide information should be as follows:

Provide essential training to continue treatment

How to provide information should be as follows:

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We are based on

With the help and hope of God’s grace and with the efforts of capable, knowledgeable and compassionate staff in a healthy, dynamic and valued environment with the most advanced medical facilities until 1404 (with a three-year horizon of 1401-1404) we can become a model of excellence and leading in providing quality and safe specialized services among the charity hospitals of the holy city of Mashhad


Following the notification of the regulations of the international patients unit’s operating regulations
in the hospital by the Ministry of Health,
The IPD committee of Imam Sajjad Hospital was established in order to coordinate the implementation of the regulations in the presence of the following members.

Principles of Values
Commitment to the Laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Observing medical and nursing ethics

Observing human rights and dignity

Taking responsibility and responding to patients’ health, diagnostic and welfare needs

Observing environmental standards, human health and divine blessings

Innovation, Innovation, Creativity

Organizational vitality


Continuous learning and training

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